Sex Shop Gravity's Network expands to delivering  Sex Shop Products all over the world. This information was received from the CEO of the company in a press conference in Las Vegas on 12/08/2008 .

Gold Package

Gold Package is for exclusive partners in particular local markets who carry out the deliveries in their particular areas. This package is an advanced package and is recommended based on the evaluation of potential partners. Click here to submit the Partners Evaluation form.  

Gold Package

Silver Package is for non exclusive partners in their local markets who can carry out the delivery in their areas. This package is an entry level package which is up to approval after potential partner evaluation (click here to submit the Partner Evaluation form) of professionalism and high standards for delivering flowers and gifts from any part of the world.  

Delivery Areas Across the world

Press here to see where you can send adult products through Sex Shop Gravity across the world. This is only a small sample of the delivery areas we provide with our high quality adult products.
You can call us at +41 435080155
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